Birch juice

Packed with goodness

On Skarø we’ve been allowed to tap the juice from our island’s 40 birch trees that grow in our and our neighbours’ properties. It’s among other this juice that goes into our experimental work in the development of new products.

As birch juice has a relatively short shelf-life – around 5 days in the fridge - we originally used to freeze it down so that we could use it over a longer period of time. It was this process that gave birth to the idea of using birch juice in ice-cream.


Birch juice tastes like mineral water, but with a hint of sweetness.

Nature’s taste judge
Today, birch juice is one of the basic ingredients in the entire series of Is fra Skarø. The reason we like to use birch juice is that it gives the ice-cream a nice texture.

With birch juice and sugar kelp as a base ingredient in Is fra Skarø, you could say that we’ve teamed up with nature’s toughest taste judger. Birch juice and sugar kelp acts as a flavour enhancer on every single taste in the ice-cream. That’s why we can only use sun-ripened berries and fruit of the highest quality - any possible bitterness from unripe fruit would cut through and spoil the overall taste. Nature’s taste judge only allows us to fill our ice-creams with the best tastes.