Protein ice-cream

Ice cream that nourishes and boosts appetite

Together with users in the health sector, Is fra Skarø has developed a series of ice-creams for patients who for various reasons have a reduced appetite. The idea behind these protein ice-creams is that they should be just as delicious and tasty as our gourmet ice-creams. All our ice-creams are organic and contain birch juice and sugar kelp, and we use only sun-ripened fruit and berries – never concentrates.


Our series of protein ice-creams is based on whey and milk, a fresh dairy product that is more like breast milk than cow's milk. Breast milk contains 80% whey protein and 20% of the cheese protein casein. In cow's milk is just the opposite.


We do not whip air into the ice mass by freezing, thereby visions the ice not more than it actually contains. In this way we obtain also a more concentrated flavor and an honest product. By only using good ingredients, our custom is as delicious as our line of gourmet ice cream.


We add birch juice and sugar tongs in the ice mass, which acts as a natural taste enhancer, whereby we obtain a delicious concentrated flavor. We have also utilized sugar sweetening capacity optimally and can therefore add less sugar, while the ice tastes sweet and delicious.


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