Soft-ice for sports people

Is fra Skarø’s soft-ice series is an interesting offer for cafes in leisure and fitness centres, who now have the opportunity to sell a healthier choice of ice-cream to their fitness customers. Our soft ice is low in fat with a high content of protein - a refreshing alternative to energy drinks after a workout.

Soft-ice contains 8% protein in a combination particularly well suited for building up muscle. Our ice-cream is based on Kilk rather than milk, which is easier to digest and for the muscles to absorb.

Organic soft-ice from Skarø based on Kilk sits lighter in the stomach than normal soft ice. The ice-cream tastes fresher and has a thirst quenching effect – the perfect combination for sportspeople who need to top up on liquid and energy.

Read more about Kilk here


Max 2 percent fat