Dairy ice-cream

Is fra Skarø’s dairy ice-cream is full and creamy. Our ice-cream is made from milk and cream from Naturmælk AMBA, birch juice, cane sugar and sugar kelp.

We make our dairy ice-cream in a variety of flavours, from tried and tested favourites to exciting new tastes exclusive to Is fra Skarø. One of these is birch syrup ice-cream, which we launched on the occasion of Queen Magrethe’s visit to Skarø in autumn 2008.


In all our flavours, we use only the best raw ingredients available on the market. The chocolate in our dairy ice-cream is 70% organic and the vanilla we use is Madagascar.

Is fra Skarø’s series of dairy ice-creams consist of the following varieties:

Chocolate, elderflower, honey, liquorice, mango,  maple syrup, mocca and vanilla.

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Contains Birch Juice